Racing Team
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Competition Events

The CodeBlue/ Racing Team competes in wheel to wheel sports car , rally, touring car and stock car racing throughout the Eastern United States. The primary events that we are currently involved with are:

We run our supercharged Lotus Elise in the Targa Newfoundland, which is a ~1400 mile long rally race on public streets around the island of Newfoundland in Canada. There are only a few events like this still being around the world (no more Targa Florio, Carrera Panamericana or Mille Miglia due to the dangers involved, only this event and the Australian Targa series survive with a non-vintage format.

Lotus Cup – Legendary sports car manufacturer Group Lotus PLC sanctions a worldwide racing series open to all Lotus owners and their Elises, Exiges, Evoras and 2-Elevens. In 2011 we were on top of the points results for the Lotus Cup USA East Coast series.

NASA Spec E30 Racing Series - In 2013 the CodeBlue/ Racing Team started wheel to wheel racing in the NASA sanctioned Spec E30 Series. This series is designed to be a place for drivers to race identical 1987-1992 BMW 325is race cars so that driver skill is the most important factor in a race. The BMW Spec E30 has a nearly stock 6 cylinder power train, a 5 speed transmission, full roll cage, safety harness, fire system, racing seat, window net, kill switches, and other performance modifications that are required to wheel to wheel race in the NASA sanctioned Spec E30 racing series.

ChumpCar World Series - ChumpCar is North America's home for having fun endurance road racing equally inexpensive cars. These endurance races range from 7-hours to 25-hours long. This series is for gear-heads; for people who love driving and driving fast, but don’t care so much about how they look doing it. MAD Motorsports has built us an E30 BMW 318 for this series.


NASA Time Trials - For several years we have been traveling all over the US to compete in this National auto competition program, utilizing Regional series based on a time trial style format, with rules that establish car classifications to provide a contest of driver skill. The best part about the NASA Time Trial series is that any closed-wheel street or race car can be used to compete in this series. We are currently using our Penske NASCAR in the “TTU” class.

FARA Racing Series - We race both our Penske NASCAR and our BMW E30's with this Miami based organization that sanctions races for amateur and experienced drivers in a wide range of cars with a class structure based on engine displacement.

Results from past track competition events include:

2015: Multiple Spec E30 races and podiums at Palm Beach International (FL), Sebring International Raceway (FL), and Miami-Homestead Speedway (FL) with NASA, SCCA and PBOC; 1st and 2nd in Spec E30 at Circuit of the Americas (TX) in the BMW CCA series.

2014: TTU class Champions for the NASA Florida Time Trial series with multiple 1st places at Sebring International Raceway (FL); DNF at Targa Newfoundland.

2013: TTU class Champions for the NASA Florida Time Trial series; 2nd in MP-3b class in the Miami 500 FARA race at Homestead Miami Speedway Grand Am course (FL); 2nd in E2 class at the NASA 6 hour enduro at Road Atlanta (GA); 2 3rds in TTU class at Road Atlanta (GA); 45th overall at the 24 hour ChumpCar race at Virginia International Raceway (VA); 11th overall at the 2013 Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge at Virginia International Raceway (VA); 1 1st Spec E30 race at Sebring International Raceway (FL); 2 1st TTU class at Sebring and 2 2nd at Homestead Miami Speedway Grand Am course (FL); 2nd and 5th FARA races at Homestead Miami Speedway Club Course (FL).

2012: 2 2nd and 1 3rd TTR class at Homestead Miami Speedway Grand Am course (FL); 3 2nd and 1 1st TTR class at Sebring International Raceway (FL).

2011: 1 1st at the Lotus Cup USA - East Coast Round 1 event at NJMP Lighting (NJ); 4th at the Lotus Cup USA - East Coast Round 2 event at NJMP Thunderbolt (NJ); a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, two 5th's and a DFL in the TTS class in NASA Time Trial events at Miami-Homestead Speedway (FL); a 2nd and a 3rd in the TTS class at the June NASA Time Trial event at Sebring International Raceway (FL); and a cannon fodder result in the TTS class in NASA Time Trial event at Road Atlanta (GA).

2010: 1st Street RWD class at the Redline Time Attack at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJ); 3rd TTU class at the June NASA Time Trial event at Summit Point (WV); 3rd TTS class at the July NASA Time Trial at Virginia International Raceway (VA); 2nd overall at the July SCCA Club Trial at Summit Point (WV); DFL’s in the TTS class at Miami-Homestead Speedway (FL); 1st TTS class at the December NASA Time Trial at Palm Beach International Raceway (FL).

2009: 1st TTA class at the NASA Time Trial at Barber Motorsports Park (AL); 1st Street RWD class at the Redline Time Attack at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJ); DNF’s at the NASA Time Trials at Virginia International Raceway (VA), Summit Point (WV).

2008:  2nd ST-1 class in the Eastern Motorsports Racing Association Time Trial 5 round season championship, including events at Lime Rock Park (CT), New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJ), and Summit Point (WV); 3rd Street RWD class at the Redline Time Attack at Summit Point (WV).

2007: Eastern Motorsports Racing Association Time Trial events at Summit Point (WV); 4th Street RWD class at the Redline Time Attack at Summit Point (WV).

Former autocrossing events included:

Multiple SCCA, Mercedes, BMW and Mazda club events from 2000 through 2009.  Many podium finishes including a 2004 H Stock class season championship in the SCCA Washington DC region.